Action Sports Video Production Services

Action-based, emotion-producing video content can move your audience like no other form of communication. Degan Media captures everything special about your events from storytelling to corporate messages and branding. Our technicians are skilled in a wide range of services from multi-camera video shoots to the latest social media platforms. Myriad post-production options are available to enhance the look and emotion you’re going for.

Types of Productions

Action Sporting Events
Corporate Videos

Degan Media delivers brilliant video productions on a local, national and global scale produced by world renowned extreme skier and marketing expert, Dan Egan.

Degan Media delivers brilliant video productions on a local, national and global scale produced by world renowned extreme skier and marketing expert, Dan Egan.

The Making of Big Air Fenway

Sperry and Team Odyssey Meeting

Running with the Dogs in Sochi

Matt Feeney – Cresa Journey


Video can engage someone anywhere – right now! Broadcast to the world over the Internet by live-streaming your event in real time, either to a select group or publically. Whether you hold sporting events, sales meetings, webinars, training sessions or even remote coaching sessions, Degan Media can bring your event to anyone in the world – as it happens. A video live streaming platform allows viewers to play your content via the Web using browsers, iOS, Android apps, Roku and more. Our live-streaming offers a free ad-supported service and multi-tiered premium services as needed.

You can put this powerful communication method to work for your organization! Contact us if you need help deploying Livestream internet video broadcasting for your next event.

Dynamic Media Content Creation

Complete video production and edit
Edits of prerecorded materials
Television programs
Special interest videos
All Social Media Platforms
Video Distribution Strategies

Corporate Conferences

Fire up your corporate events with clear sights and sounds! Flawlessly executed projection, sound & recording equipment and post production options provide full-service multimedia solutions for event organizers. Audio services typically include setting up microphones to reinforce lecturers, panelists, audience questions, and other presenters and performers. Camera angles capture substance and emotion. Whether virtual or in-person, your audience and team members get the best possible event experience.

Action Sports

Comprehensive coverage of your major sporting events provides viewers with a complete feel for the venue and competition. The Pre- and Post- game shows provide highlight replays, results and commentary. Action video provides the “box seats” for fans and viewers to see every important bit of the action. Overall sport event coverage is supplemented with short action packed videos for social media to be pushed out prior to, during and after the event.

All Event Coverage Includes

On-site event coverage
Pre and Post event wrap ups
Highlight Videos
Professional Hosts and Commentators
Multiple wireless cameras
Embed Codes for viewing production
Associated equipment
Music Rights
Highlight Videos

Cinematographer Corey Potter Films at the Press Event for Big Air Fenway 2016

Production Crew at BAF

Olympian Pam Fletcher interviews athletes during a Degan Media livestream Big Air Fenway Bash 2016

Production Pam BAF

Video Library Management

You have all that footage and some great finished video productions. How can you maximize the effectiveness of these valuable marketing assets? Degan Media provides web publishing options and will recommend the best method to catalog, index and archive your media. We deliver files to your specification in virtually any format. Our team also provides CD, DVD, and Blu-ray disc duplication with a wide variety of packaging options. Whether you need transfers & duplication or transfers and transcoding, Degan Media can manage all your files with professional video library management services.


Formats: VHS, Betamax, BetaSP, Laserdisc, U-matic, Hi-8 (analog), MiniDV, HDV, DVCAM
International Standards: PAL & SECAM to NTSC


Formats: 1/4″ Reel-to-reel tape (most track configurations and speeds), cassette, phono disc, DAT, MiniDisc, PCM F-1

File Types: wav, aif, mp3, m4a, and others
*all sample & bit rates

Copyright Protection Policies

We are unable to make duplicates of copyrighted audio, video, or multimedia materials without explicit written permission from the copyright owner.

Video Journalism Awards & Accolades

1991 Telly Award – Disaster on Mt. Elbrus
1998 – 2001 three time New England EMMY Award Nominee for Dan Egan’s Wild World of Winter
2014 – 2015 two-time winner NASJA Harold Hirsch Award for Journalism Excellence
2016 NASJA Winner of the Mitch Kaplan Award of Excellence in Snow-sports Coverage