Marketing Consulting

Production Sperry BermudaWork with the big stage leader who understands branding and marketing communications all the way from local consumer levels up to global and institutional marketplaces.

Regional, National, International Events… Let’s take the Olympics, for example, or the America’s Cup Race. Do you understand who the key players are? Can you maneuver your company’s brand into the highest visibility positions using connections, experience, savvy and resourcefulness rather than just digging deeper into the corporate coffers? We can help you win on the big stage when time and money count!

Firm principal, Dan Egan, began his career in the 1980s as an extreme athlete working with Warren Miller to produce some of the most breathtaking alpine ski videos ever recorded and broadcast – even to this day. Dan’s other professional passion has always been marketing, sales and consumer behavior. Now he works with top international brands to produce measurable sales results.

Degan Media is a creative and analytical company. We think of creativity not just for entertainment value but as a means to deliver results. We look at analytics as our teachers and measuring sticks. Knowledgeable in both consumer behavior and the marketing process, we work with companies to create effective brand and communication strategies, ensuring that our partners get the best results from their marketing investment.

Create Value | Navigate through Big Organizations and Events | Produce Tangible Results

Strategic and Marketing Consulting Services

Set well-defined goals
Identify opportunities to engage with existing and new clients
Innovative campaigns on social media and other platforms
Coordinate content on platforms; website, blog and landing pages
Email, social media, online advertising, mobile marketing
Analytics to benchmark success and achieve optimal results

A final word on marketing consulting is… time. Degan Media saves you time – and money – by streamlining the process of brand and event marketing through our experience, connections and know-how. We’ve done it over and over for some of the world’s most respected brands, which is why they keep coming back year after year and season after season. Contact Degan Media today to discuss available consulting opportunities with Dan Egan at (603) 254–8000.

Marketing Strategy & Execution

Identify the target market
Develop a detailed marketing plan
Determine the marketing message
Identify the appropriate marketing mix
Implement marketing executions

Online Marketing Services

See short and long term objectives
Create an online strategy and “roadmap”
Develop messaging strategy
Execute web, social media, email and online advertising campaigns
Monitor and measure results